Women’s Ski Jumpers Hit The Streets

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 27, 2009 11:47 am

The Visa US Women’s Ski Jumpers who are embroiled in a law suit with VANOC have gone grass roots.  And I mean really grass roots.  They have hit the streets hard and today had a booth at the Park Silly Market and are selling autographed posters for $30.  The proceeds go to the teams expenses including the legal bills.  The whole crew is there including Lindsey Van who sat down with us and answered a few questions.  The Park Silly Market is on Park City‘s historic Main Street and is the city’s premier open-air market.  Today was a special version entitled Cirque de Silly Fest.

“The have been a ton of people coming by the booth.  It is really gratifying because people are so supportive,” said Van.  “People are going to the online petition, buying signed posters and getting pictures taken with the girls.  It is a really fun time.”