Lindsey Vonn to attend Ski Team Ball in Boston

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 28, 2009 1:33 pm

For the U.S. Ski Team it’s Ball season.  Unlike Cinderella, however, Lindsey Vonn remains beautiful after the clock strikes midnight.  The first of four Balls will be the New England Ski and Snowboard Ball in Boston on Wednesday, September 30th.

“The Balls are a great chance for the U.S. Ski Team and U.S Snowboarding families to spend time with the people who have supported us throughout the years,” said two-time World Champion Lindsey Vonn (Vail, CO).  “We can celebrate the things we have all accomplished and work together for a great future.”

Vonn, freestyle moguls World Champion Hannah Kearney, Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Ross Powers, and Olympic legend Billy Kidd will all be on hand for The New England Ski and Snowboard Ball.  Ball season’s main objective is to raise funds for U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding athletes. 

With a little over four months before the Vancouver Winter Olympics, this year’s balls have a raised level of importance.  “As an athlete, you commit to a lifetime dedicated to training and preparation for that one day in Vancouver,” said Trace Worthington, Vice President, Foundation. “And it’s not just dedication by athletes – it’s a lifetime commitment from family, friends and fans to helping these athletes achieve excellence at the Olympics.”

Fans who want to get involved can checkout details at or by calling 435.647.2074.


New England Ski and Snowboard Ball
 – Wednesday, Sept. 30

The New England Ball features one of the biggest lineups of athletes at a cocktail reception event at the prestigious Langham Hotel in the heart of Boston’s financial district. A live auction features opportunities to ski with top athletes and more, with a return engagement by the Flying Ace All Stars trampoline show. This year’s New England event will feature a daylong “Coaches Track” forum for USSA club leaders where the leaders of future stars will hear the Team’s plans for development, the latest sport science insights, plus an opportunity to visit with USSA President and CEO Bill Marolt, plus top athletes.

Bay Area Ski and Snowboard Benefit
 – Saturday, Oct. 17

The Team’s Bay Area event, held near Palo Alto each year, features a focus on kids. Current stars team up with the youngsters for a head-to-head obstacle course race. Parents, meanwhile, get an opportunity to hear about the Team’s latest developments in sport science in a backyard picnic that has become one of the most popular stops.

New York Ski and Snowboard Ball
 – Thursday, Oct. 29

The Team’s New York Ski and Snowboard Ball is the original gala, attracting hundreds of corporate sponsors, private supporters, television executives and media each year. In a nearly 50 year run, it has raised literally tens of millions of dollars for U.S. ski and snowboarding athletes and has become a popular event on the Wall Street social scene. This year’s Ball moves to a new venue, Gotham Hall for an evening featuring athletes, live entertainment plus the Flying Ace All Stars. The live auction is a highlight of the evening where you may go home with a day skiing with a gold medalist, a trip by Sentient Jet to your favorite resort, or a date with a helicopter in the Canadian Rockies.

Chicago Ski and Snowboard Ball
 – Friday, Nov. 13

The Standard Club on the south side of Chicago’s Loop offers one of the most spectacular and intimate settings for 500 of the Team’s most ardent fans to show their support. Chicago historically features one of the most robust silent auctions plus a new cocktail format this year to bring athletes and fans even closer together.

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