Paralympian Chris Waddell nearing Mt. Kilimanjaro summit

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 29, 2009 9:28 am

Former U.S. Adaptive Ski Team athlete Chris Waddell has been pushing his way toward the Mt. Kilimanjaro peak in an attempt to make history. When he succeeds, Waddell will be the first paraplegic to ever summit the historic Tanzanian mountain.

Yesterday was Waddell’s birthday, and as he pursued the climb towards his ultimate birthday gift, the conditions proved to be more difficult than anticipated. “As I covered the last 50 yards in at least a half hour, I had the vague thought that this must be what it is like to drown within reach of shore,” Waddell wrote in his blog (

The crew intends to continue toward the summit today with the final push tomorrow. Waddell posted a quick Facebook update just two hours ago. (As it’s late in Africa, now, the crew is likely tucked into their tents for the night.) “Today was steep scree and sand. Rough. Tomorrow should be the final push.”

Go Chris go!