John Denver skis and destroys the music video genre forever

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 30, 2009 5:03 pm

It’s unfathomable that this nugget of gold has slipped by the viral video stream.  Only some 3,000 views for what has to be one of the greatest bad videos of all time?  John Denver and a host of skiers and boarders destroy fashion and the genre of music video forever in this classic shot for a Julie Andrews Christmas special.

A few notes of dissection:
0:06 who let the newbie in the shot, snowplowing top left?
0:10 John’s groomer technique (weight too far forward) does not translate in powder, could cause problems later
0:29 Where can I get a pair of those sunglasses?  I couldn’t find them on Ebay
0:33 first of many appearances by yellow/black vest jacket man destroying fashion forever
0:41 John abides by the skier safety code, does not get distracted by camera
0:42 uhm, green balloon?
0:46 ballet skiing, nothing funny there
1:10 again, John’s technique is suited for groomers only, this could still cause problems later
1:30 dude, do NOT turn on cat tracks, that’s how you get slammed into from behind
1:39 confusing short shot of virtual orchestra on skis replete with conductor
1:46 fantastic sound design, “sheeuuuu!”
1:53 behind the scenes of a music video masterpiece
1:57 yellow/black jacket man on sweet vintage Burton Performer Elite 150, I had one of those!
2:01 in order: daffy, spread eagle, woops, back scratcher
2:08 production meeting: “Yeah, have them jump behind John.  Great idea!”
2:11 great continuity cut by the editor with blue jacket out-of-control reckless jumper
2:28 oblivious fools of the skier vs snowboarder war of the 1980s
2:37 perfectly executed daffy, when will this trick be revitalized in slopestyle comps?
2:39 nominee for “Greatest ‘Yeah!’ in a Rock Song”
2:45 John’s technique finally bites him in the ass

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