Errol Kerr dishes to The Ski Channel on inspection of X Games ski cross course

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 1, 2009 12:55 pm

Ski cross star Errol Kerr and 4-time X Games boardercross gold medalist Nate Holland were invited by ESPN and Snow Park Technologies (SPT) to do a site walk of the X-Course for upcoming X Games in Aspen.  Last year, you may recall, was a bit of bummer, as fresh snow slowed the racers through the middle of the course.  Well, from the news Errol dished to us, that definitely won’t be a problem this year.

“It’s going to be bigger jumps, higher speeds, and banked turns that nobody’s seen before,” Kerr told The Ski Channel.

Kerr compared the banked turns to NASCAR, as two turns “will be cut with a pipe dragon, almost over vert at the top (of the turn), like Talladega.”

Up top, the start will be “more exciting, with a longer straight away before the first turn.”  Also new for this year’s X Course, racers will have optional take-offs and optional landings, so as Kerr puts it, “The course will fit everyone from a female snowboarder to a male skier.”

It’s at the bottom of the course, the last two jumps, that have me already fired up for this year’s comp.  According to Kerr, “The second to last jump is going to be a step-up for the ages.”

And get this, Kerr said the last jump of the course will be the X Games Big Air comp jump!  Ski cross racers elbowing each other just before hitting the big air competition jump and on into the finish line.  That is ridiculous!

As for Kerr’s thoughts on his chances on this course at the upcoming X Games 14 in January?  Errol Kerr is laying down some prophecy.

“It’s my turn.”

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