Skis, snowboards, gear, and grandmas available on eBay

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 1, 2009 9:44 am

Looking through eBay, you can see that the site has everything, especially for winter enthusiasts: A Lamar Intrigue 154 Snowboard with bindings and boots is up for $189.95, new Salomon Freeride skis are available for $109.99, a Bolle adult helmet for $44.99, a grandma for $160.  Wait, a grandma was up for sale on eBay? Well, she was up for auction, until the website pulled the plug on it, since humans are not allowed to be up for sale.  

Ten-year-old Zoe Pemberton of London, England, put her 61-year-old grandmother, Marian Goodall up for sale, saying she was “very cuddly and loved word searches.” Goodall lives at the Pemberton house, and Zoe’s father, Thomas Pemberton, said, “Zoe didn’t want to see her nan but wanted someone to come here and look after her.” The bids started around $160, and went all the way up to over $32,000, which was the price when the ad was removed.