Chicken has to die for Kanye West

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 2, 2009 9:54 pm

He felt really bad after the Taylor Swift and Beyonce debacle.  So he learned his lesson – right?  He would never be a prima donna after that?  Well this week at the Common & Friends Benefit Concert which featured Queen Latifah, Nas and De La Soul, Kanye had well another situation. 

Apparently, Kanye spotted someone eating chicken and blew a gasket because he didn’t get any.  He said, “You want me to perform for free and everyone is eating.  Why am I not eating?”

When Kanye got the slaughtered bird, mother of six little chickens, Kanye supposedly took one bite and then threw the rest out.  On behalf of all slaughtered chickens, we thank you Kanye.