Contest prize offers a free year of living and skiing in Aspen

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 2, 2009 5:23 pm

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  An Aspen-based company, Qittle, which does marketing via mobile phones, is offering quite a prize for its contest, which will begin January 1st and end on May 31st.  If you are the lucky winner of this contest, you will get to live in a rent-free apartment in Aspen, have a ski pass to enjoy all of the skiing and boarding on the mountains, and get a spending allowance.  There is a catch–while enjoying all of this, you will be expected to work for Qittle and blog about your experiences in the ski resort town.  In addition, there are also plans to try and have the winner host a weekly TV or radio show. For more information on the contest, click here