Judge denies Dartmouth College’s request over Ski Death

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 3, 2009 12:16 pm

skiing class.” />A judge denied a request filed by Dartmouth College to end a lawsuit filed after the death of Christina Porter.  Porter was killed after sustaining “severe head injuries while taking a skiing class at the Dartmouth Skiway.”  Dartmouth requested a “summary ruling” which would bring the case to an end without a trial. Dartmouth requires that all students take a physical education class, and Porter signed up to ski to fulfill this requirement.

Porter’s parents sued Dartmouth for $20 million in February of 2007 for “wrongful death and negligence.”  Her parents claim that her instructors allowed her to ski down a slope “that was too difficult for her” without a helmet.  Dartmouth claims that they are not responsible since “Porter signed an equipment rental waiver.”

The judge denied the claim citing that, “the form did not specifically name Dartmouth or notify a Skiway user that he or she is relieving the College of liability.”  The college now requires that all students wear helmets while skiing.