Bryan Brothers hit aces with Let It Rip

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 4, 2009 8:57 am

You might know them as the #1 doubles team in the history of tennis. They have a unique tie to skiing that we will talk about the next go around.  They have been playing drums, keys and guitar in hotel rooms for decades as junior, college and professional tennis players while they traveled around the world delighting stadiums.  They are one of the biggest tennis draws in the history of tennis and certainly the biggest doubles draw in the history of the sport.  While a lot of athletes spend their travel time in bars, in jail, in tattoo parlors, these two guys were learning new arpeggio’s, scales and tunes. 

They have performed as many concerts as the Rolling Stones, it’s just that their shows were and are at the US Open or Wimbledon Player’s party.  And instead of throwing televisions out the window, they were bringing Andy Roddick or James Blake up on stage.  Last year that got up on stage with the Counting Crowes and played the Crowes song “Hanging Around” in Tampa Florida to 25,000 fans.  Bob nailed the keyboard part like a carpenter and Mike took the lead guitar solo.   25,000 went bananas like the dynamic duo had just won Wimbledon.

Well after a couple of decades of playing, they have recordings!  Their new 4-song opus is entitled “Let It Rip.”  Or should we say, aptly titled “Let It Rip” because it does just that – this thing freaking rips!  Recorded in Los Angeles during the Los Angeles Men’s Pro Tournament this year, the Brothers Bryan along with singer David Baron have certainly set the new gold standard for actor/athlete/celebrity recordings as this sucker could be put out by a lot of famous bands and you wouldn’t know the difference.

This is definitely music to ride big mountains to.  So The Ski Channel dissected the 4 tracks and came up with the following:

Let It Rip – is probably the best single in the bunch.  It’s mired in melodic, hook laden riffs, Baron’s vocal’s go upstairs like Alice after the Brady Bunch went to the market to get supplies for smores.   It is simply put… a masterpiece of song, performance and production.  There are double entendres everywhere in this production brilliantly lined up like kids before the bell.   By virtue of how it flows, you know they didn’t spend a lot of time trying to be cute – they have lived these words for decades and alone had the foresight and knowledge to stitch them together.  You can bet there will be stadiums all over the world playing this song during tennis events and I’ll bet many tennis fans will make music video’s that go viral.

During the verses, the rhythm section does a great job of leaving a lot of room for the vocal to shine and then the chorus really pays off when they hit it hard together.   This is by far Baron’s best performance.  One second he is in falsetto, the next he is breathy and then the next he is blasting over the band.   Great A track!

Spending My Days – again goes Baron upstairs in head voice to really take the piece across the goal line.  The Bryan’s have become and incredibly solid rhythm section.   Mike plays guitar and drums like the two instruments are nearly the same and has really got a knack for subtle melodic lines that work well on guitar.  His riffing throughout this track would impress Keith Richards.

Chasing The Sun – Elton John could have produced this song and nobody would have known the difference.  Bob Bryan’s piano is in the pocket like a chained wallet from a guy in a wife beater.   Especially in the verses, he tickles around the melody and gives it an incredible amount of room while accentuating the heck out of those verses.  He really shines in the intro.

Baron flirts with the melody like a genius in this piece.  His alliteration is engaging and some of the lyrics just fall out of his mouth without the slightest semblance of a push.   Mikes guitar slides about and really drive the bridge home. 

Marching On – again, talk about a band in the pocket.  Marching On is a simple tune, but the Bryan Bros once more show their deft awareness of the melody and vocal.  They know when to poach and they know when to cover the line.

For sure these 4 tracks make you want to do two things. 

1)  Get the other 6

2)  See these guys play them live.

Because of who they are, you can bet that they will likely get some big opening gigs from bands who are fans of their tennis.   Lets hope that happens in LA.

And as for the music, like Rainman doing math, these guys do something special and that is cooperate.  The spacing in the musicianship is nothing short of spectacular and seems like it could have only come from two guys with matching bedspreads.  On the choruses, they are two dolphins swimming beside each other outside the breakwater, but on the versus’s they are the vocal lines doubles partner.   And, they are setting her up with overheads and easy volleys throughout the music.  David Baron is a rock star vocalist and could be winning Idol, touring the world or on broadway.

Often in life the best boxer in the world might not make the best heart surgeon and the best painter in the world might not make the best accountant.  But here the best tennis players in the world really deliver the goods in career part Deux.

These guys are the real freaking delio and this record is a must buy.  Change that to MUST BUY.  Change that to GET YOUR ASS OUT AND BUY THIS RECORD!  You can get it at Amazon by clicking here.

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