Helsinki adds indoor ski center

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 5, 2009 8:05 am

The new Ylläs-Halli Center for Winter Activities offers a year-round locale where visitors can train or try out various winter sports such as biathlon, curling, ice skating, sledging, ice wall climbing or snow-tubing.   To create a true Ylläs Lapland feeling, the arena provides a “snowy” environment with walls covered with huge images of Lapland, ice bears and winter imagery, plus real trees. Included are a1.2 km long cross-country ski track, with terrain options for beginners to advanced skiers, plus a supervised area where young visitors can practice sports.

To minimize environmental impact the arena produces its own energy in an environmentally friendly way. The arena utilizes geothermal heat, solar energy and wind power according to its own strict energy and environmental program.  We have got to get some of these going in the states.