Skiing is just what the doctor ordered

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 5, 2009 4:22 pm

In 2001 John Timmons fell off a roof during a construction accident and broke his talus, tibia and fibia on a boulder.  It took two surgeries, 18 months of physical activity for his foot to gain back only 7% of its motor functions.  Timmons’ doctor told him that he would need a walker or a wheelchair if he didn’t actively rehabilitate his foot and ankle.  Timmons asked his doctor about skiing, which was his favorite past time, and the doctor told him that he could do “no more than five runs a day.”

Reportedly after 4 runs, Timmons muscles gave out due to exhaustion.  But according to Timmons, that night his foot felt warm and “the best it had felt since before the accident.”  At his doctor’s office the next week, Timmon’s doctor was shocked at the progress his foot had made.  The new doctor’s orders:  Ski at least 10 runs two times a week!

As of this week, Timmons has skied 82 months in a row. In the summer and fall, he skis Billy’s Bowl in Breckenridge, atop Loveland Pass and on St. Mary’s Glacier. He reportedly averages 172 ski days a year and is “having the time of his life.”