The Hermanator, Hermann Maier to return to World Cup in November

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 5, 2009 9:32 am

If you’re not hip to ski racing, an analogy to help you understand the magnitude that is Hermann Maier.  He is the Michael Jordon of ski racing in Austria.  And Austria equals ski racing.  The man is a straight-up legend.

News today is that the Hermanator, aka Hermann Maier, is back.  Again.  After missing the last month of the 2009 World Cup season because of injury, Maier has said that he will be back for the upcoming 2010 season.  He’ll most likely miss the first few races, as he has targeted the end of November for his return.

“The winter will be long enough and since I’m only coming back to the World Cup at the end of November in North America (Lake Louise), we still have time,” Maier posted on his website.

Maier’s story is beyond Hollywood.  He broke his body into pieces (his leg was nearly amputated by doctors) after a horrible motorcycle crash in 2001, came back and won the overall World Cup title two years later.  One of, if not the, greatest skiing feats of all time.  It was unanimously thought his career was over after the motorcycle crash.  He spends two years away from the hill, comes back, and wins both the super G and overall titles in 2004.  It was his fourth overall World Cup title.  Otherworldly is Herman Maier.

Last year at the ripe old age of 36, Maier won the first Super-G of the 2009 season at Lake Louise, his 54th World Cup victory.  The upcoming season will Maier’s 14th on the World Cup.  Franz Klammer, Jean-Claude Killy, Alberto Tomba are the faces up on the Mount Rushmore of Ski Racing.  They’re saving a spot for the Hermanator when he finally hangs up the boots.

First Bode Miller, now Hermain Maier.  Add in the amazing Lindsey Vonn and it’s going to be an incredible 2009-’10 World Cup year.

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