Three Tahoe residents busted for 200 pot plants growing in Deep Creek Drainage

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 5, 2009 2:14 pm

They are the modern day version of bootleggers without the possibility of finding a legitimate job racing cars on the NASCAR circuit.  Yes, the law objects to the illegally growing of 200 pot plants in the Deep Creek Drainage area north of Olympic Valley.  And yes, three Lake Tahoe residents were arrested by Placer County Sheriff officers on Thursday for growing those plants.  But, I’m guessing the three accused weed harvesters — Christopher Egger, 23, Matthew Steele, 28, and Steven Day, 48, — never beheaded anyone.

This arrest won’t stop folks from buying weed, especially in mountain towns where marijuana is just another food group.  These arrests will just mean more weed will be arrive in Tahoe via Mexican drug cartels, who tend to like their humans without heads.

Sgt. John Giovannini, a detective with PCSD in Tahoe City, said in an interview with The Union in Grass Valley (yar yar) that no evidence suggests the men were living at the site, and they were not armed while cultivating the plants.


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