Hip Gate: Who was first to create the hip cutter? Eric Rosenwald of Boreal weighs in

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 6, 2009 2:23 pm

A couple weeks ago we reported on the world’s first hip cutter being created.  The world’s first turned up in two spots, almost simultaneously.  So who was first to build a machine specifically designed to cut the perfect hip jump inside terrain parks?  When the historians of all things snow peer back into the cosmos of 2009, who will they bestow the honor on?  Was it Jeremy Cooper of June Mountain or Eric Rosenwald of Boreal (pictured with his master creation above)?

For the days when hip cutters are commonplace, The Ski Channel submits for the historical record an email from Eric Rosenwald, as he takes the high road.

I’m writing to fill you in on a little more info regarding these hip cutters.  First off I’d like to say that Jeremy Cooper of June Mt is a friend of mine and I have nothing but pure respect for him in the world of terrain parks. I was stoked to hear he had been working on a machine in secret.  Who finished their machine first..I dont know? That would involve nit picking over what counts…final paint job, final debugging, primary fabrication, who started first???? Its up for debate but it really doesn’t matter.  All that matters is two of these machines exsist because we took matters into our own hands when no one else would listen.  It’s not coincidence that we both came out with rival machines at the same time as great minds often think alike, also  we have worked much together over the years not to mention I once held his position at June before making the move to Boreal some years back.  The concept has been there for years but it was not until Snowboarder MAG Superpark 12 at Mammoth that we builders finally got to a point that one of us was going to take the plunge and build what no grooming company would build for us.  The true spark happened at that event and I would not be surprised if another one of those builders unveils his machine later this winter.  So the stage is set for possibly 3 of these machine to exsist in California this winter.

Eric Rosenwald
Boreal Terrain Park/CORE Marketing Manager

Zeke Piestrup ( More Posts)

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