Jeremy Jones launches Jones Snowboards

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 6, 2009 10:43 am

Always put your name in the title and they can’t fire you.  Jeremy Jones, the Messiah of Big Mountain Snowboarding, is starting Jones Snowboards.

“I have started Jones Snowboards to develop the highest performance all-mountain snowboards on the market,” says Jones. “Freeride boards that reflect everything I’ve learned both on the snow and in the factory. Every snowboard we produce will be born of my passion and our designs will mirror the performance demands of my riding matched with the environmental demands of my conscience.”

Jones does not simply give lip service to environmentalism in this era of faux green branding.  Check his non-profit Protect Our Winters non-profit while pondering the fact that Jones now turns down free rides in the backcountry helicopter and is a strictly hike-to-terrain man.  In the football locker room, they call that “leadership.”

Jones will partner his 25 years in the snowboard industry with 125-year-old, family-owned Swiss manufacturer Nidecker.

“Jeremy’s talents have always inspired us here at Nidecker,“ says Henry Nidecker, company president. “We are excited to collaborate with him on this new project and offer Jones Snowboards both the award-winning technologies and the commitment to quality that we’re well known for after 25 years of building boards.”

Snowboarder Mag’s Big Mountain Rider eight times over will now add Snowboard Company Owner to his resume.  All hail the great Jeremy Jones!

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