Longtime Freestyle official Konrad Rotermund launches Urtur: A Freestyle Skiing news site

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 6, 2009 3:38 pm

In a ski world dominated by Alpine racing (hey, we’re fans, too), longtime freestyle aficionado Konrad Rotermund recently launched URTUR, a new freestyle Web site designed to raise awareness for non-USSA International FIS Freestyle events. These may include the FIS Freestyle NorAm Tour, US Freestyle Selections, FIS Open Events and speciality FIS Events (eg., Summer FIS Pool Aerial Events) in all the FIS Freestyle disciplines – Moguls, Aerials, Halfpipe and Skicross. “The goal of URTUR is to bring a fan base to the rising stars of the sport,” according to the site.  

Along with news and schedules, URTUR has blogging capabilities, forums, groups and a social networking tool that links to Facebook. When you join the site, you literally join a network of freestyle friends and fans. More friends, more news, more freestyle? Sounds pretty good.