New film analyzes climate change and its impact on snow culture

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 6, 2009 11:16 am

Since I’m on the track of depressing climate change topics today, here’s another one–although this one is definitely brighter. Many people know about climate change and it’s probable impacts on the lives of all who worship snow and mountain life, but we don’t really know the details of how we would all be affected on a day to day basis. Cue Generations, a new short film produced by Teton Gravity Research. The film is supported by The North Face and Jeremy Jones’ group Protect Our Winters. Instead of just being all scientific and hard for the everyman (um, me) to follow, Generations really gets into the human aspect of climate change’s threats. It puts a human face on it, as the film interviews people for whom snow is really an everyday part of life. Without it, well…that would be like taking summer away from school children (questionable simile there…). The film will be released this winter. Check out a trailer at