Go to Whistler! The Winter Olympics and the fallacy of conventional wisdom

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 8, 2009 3:36 pm

The latin origin of conventional wisdom is argumentum ad populum, translated “appeal to the people.”  And the people are often wrong.  It was once conventional wisdom that the earth is flat.  Conventional wisdom held the sun revolved around the earth. 

Current fallacies of conventional wisdom?  Bunting a runner to second is good baseball.  The biggest fallacy of current conventional wisdom is the belief that mountain enthusiasts should stay away from Whistler this winter because of the Olympics.  Too busy, too expensive, slopes too crowded.


As with all conventional wisdom, it must be defeated through the bare facts of revisionism.  Historically, venues hosting the Winter Olympics see a decrease in skiers and riders because of what has been called an “Olympic Aversion” factor.  Going to Whistler this winter is the genius move.  It’s akin to going to Disneyland the day rain is in the misforecast. 

“We’re working hard to address Olympic aversion and attract people to the resort all season long, but the fact of the matter is this year we will see less than our usual two million skier visits,” says Dave Brownlie, COO and President of Whistler Blackcomb.  “But, this just means it will be an incredible year for all of us, and all the skiers and riders who make it out here.  Ski days this season will be as close as we get to truly having the mountains, powder, expansive terrain, mile of vertical to ourselves.”

As for costs, Whistler has early booking deals with accommodations and lift tickets from $88 per person, per night all season long.  They’ve guaranteed those early bird prices if booked by November 15th.  If lower prices emerge thereafter, Whistler will refund the difference.  In the fight against conventional wisdom, Whistler has assumed all the risk and affordability is your reward.

As for skiing up on the biggest, baddest mountain of North America?  The twin brothers of Ski Heaven, Whistler/Blackcomb, will be 90% open during the Games, and 100% open before and after the Games.  They’re not growing putting greens here, folks.  Before and after the games, you can fly down the same Olympic runs of Herman Maier and Bode Miller.  Forerunner on course!

Mike Douglas, the Whistler legend of all things ski, will be no victim of conventional wisdom.  “Everywhere I go skiers are saying they’re planning to avoid Whistler this year because it’ll be too expensive and busy thanks to the Olympics. The opposite is true, and while that sucks for local businesses, local skiers here are fired up to get even more untracked powder.  All my senses are telling me this is going to be a banger season for snow.  I can’t wait!”

Conventional wisdom built upon misconceptions that will keep many skiers from experiencing the magnificence of Whistler this winter.  The earth ain’t flat, we revolve around the sun, and Whistler will be the place to be this winter.   Revision complete.

Zeke Piestrup ( More Posts)

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