Mt. Baldy season pass for $40 RIGHT NOW, first come, first serve

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 8, 2009 6:01 pm

“Why would you buy ski lift tickets for Mt High or Big Bear when you can ski for free all season at Mt Baldy?” asks Keith Hunt President of the Mt Baldy Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber of Commerce has acquired a quantity of season passes to the Mt Baldy Ski Area and we are giving them away on a first come, first served basis.”

“This offer will expire October 31st 2009, when we open for skiing, or when we run out of passes whichever comes first.”

“We feel this is an irresistible offer for skiers and snowboarders alike throughout Southern California.  But we know that some will look at the offer and think “Where’s the catch?”

“There isn’t one. The season pass has a few restrictions and there is a one-time $40 activation fee to cover administrative costs, but that’s it.”

“Skiing and snowboarding are by far the most popular activities on the mountain so it makes sense that we use or strongest assets to attract more visitors to the mountain.”

Mt Baldy offers all levels of skiing and boarding from the very beginner to the steepest vertical drop in Southern California. With 26 runs spanning 3 mountains covering 800 acres and a 2,100 vertical drop, Mt Baldy offers an experience for skiers and boarders of all abilities.

Mt Baldy is the closest ski resort to Los Angeles, Orange County and most of the Inland Empire. The ski lifts can be reached within 60 minutes from most of these areas.

“We are the local mountain resort to about 10 million but many don’t realize where we are located. It is amazing how many think we are near Mt High or Big Bear and are surprised to learn that Mt Baldy is immediately north of Upland and Claremont.”

“By offering the free season passes, we will start to put Mt Baldy back on the map.”

“In the last few days the temperature has dropped. It has been cold enough to make snow, although we didn’t. As temperatures drop, anticipation rises in the hearts and minds or skiers and snowboarders so we anticipate these passes going very quickly.”

“Other than a few restrictions a one-time activation fee of $40 to cover administrative costs, skiers and snowboarders can use the Ski Lift all season long for free,” concludes Hunt.

Mt Baldy is immediately north of Upland and Claremont. Take the Mountain Avenue exit in Upland off the 210 Freeway and go north following signs to Mt Baldy Resorts. Alternatively take the Baseline exit in Claremont and go north on Padua and turn right on Mt Baldy Road. Mt Baldy Road dead ends in the Ski Area parking lot.

To obtain a free season pass or get more information please go to a special Mt Baldy Chamber of Commerce website at

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