Ski Resort number 2 opens – bet you can’t guess this one

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 8, 2009 9:31 pm

Are they skiing Mammoth Mountain?  Got to be A-Basin?  Snowy Grand Targhee?  How about you’re going to ski Snowbird? What if we told you, you could hit a casino with a 3 wood the base camp?  Ahh a Tahoe ski resort?

Nope, you’re all wrong.  How’s about Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort???  Yes, Oscar Goodman should be proud.  Finally Dubai can justify all that cash they put into the City Center as tourism goes through the roof. 

The resort which is owned by Powdr Corp is only 30 miles from the downtown Las Vegas strip.  So what is the elevation of a ski resort in Las Vegas?  Must be like 4000 feet?  Not!  Try over 11,000!  Summerlin just below the mountains is at 2300 and the drive to the resort is like going up a roller coaster to the first big fall. 

If you go ski the resort, try the hikes at Red Rocks below.  They are incredible and beautiful.