Antarctic ice levels will tell us how climate change is affecting skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 9, 2009 12:25 pm

Worried about climate change? Worried how it might affect our beloved snow culture? Well so is NASA. That’s why next week they’re sending the first of 17 flights to Antarctica to gather data on the rising sea levels in a six year study. Sea levels rising=more snow melting. NASA put out a statement: “Sea ice measurements will be collected from the Amundsen Sea, where local warming suggests the ice may be thinning. Ice sheet and glacier studies will be flown over the Antarctic Peninsula and West Antarctica, including Pine Island Glacier, an area scientists believe could undergo rapid changes.”

Apparently the planes the scientists will be using are more effective than satellites. Robin Bell, scientist at Columbia University said, “the problem with satellites is, we can’t see through the ice sheet with satellites, we really want to know how much water is under the ice sheet.” 

We’ll keep up with this and see what they find. Their results will no doubt give us insight as to how and when the change in our climate will have a significant affect on our winter activities and lifestyles.