Arapahoe Basin first chair a solo ride as the others pushed off

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 9, 2009 10:26 am

These resorts are surely on the juice!  Even though Arapahoe Basin, A-Basin to you and me, had its earliest opening in 63 years of existence, it was still only good for third place in the race to open first.  A-Basin tied for first with Loveland last year, and had won the title the previous two seasons.

“We’ll be back next year, we plan on winning next year.  They know that,” Leigh Hierholzer, Director of Marketing at A-Basin told The Ski Channel this morning.  “We’re glad they (Loveland) opened first, it’s great for the ski industry.  It’s nice they get to win every now and then, too.”

Today, Arapahoe Basin popped the cork on another ski year with, according to Hierholzer, “One lift, one run, and about 1200 happy skiers.”

As for that coveted first chair?  The three-seater went to just one lucky skier.  What’s so special about that guy to get his own chair, especially when it’s the coveted first chair?  Heirholzer explains, “Three tried to hop on, and only one guy made it.  The other two were pushed off.”

Props to that guy, a little king of the mountain horse play just before hoppin’ the first chair, and the spotlight is all his own.  Look at me, ma!

Photo by Kimberly Trembearth

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