Auctioned custom snowboards bring art to the slopes

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 9, 2009 9:28 am

“I thought my work here was done,” said illustrator Edel Rodriguez who recently found out the custom art he designed for the Vancouver Opera House’s 50th Anniversary was being put on snowboards for a fund raising auction.  When he was first approached by the opera house with the idea Rodriguez told them “you can make snowboards of them as long as [he gets] one. So they made a fifth one just for [him].  The four illustrations selected were Rodriguez’s “fiery druid priestess’s face for ‘Norma,’ his Nixon/Mao face for ‘Nixon in China,’ the bride with men in each bosom for ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and the geisha’s face set in a red moon dripping blood for ‘Madame Butterfly.’”

These illustrations have been featured in a number of venues and competitions since Rodriguez created them.  The art was recently featured in “Creative Arts,” a journal “that showcases the best in design, advertising, photography and illustration.” Reportedly the opera house expects collectors of Rodriguez’s work to pay top dollar for these one of a kind snowboards.  The boards will be available for bid on eBay from December 1 to 15.  When asked how much money he believes his art will bring, Rodriguez stated “You never know what people are into. I have friends I told that my work was on snowboards and right away they wanted them. So they might shell out some money. You get a snowboard, at least.”