Smile Colorado winter travelers: a new chain replacement for truckers has been approved

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 9, 2009 3:26 pm

Truck drivers on the side of the road putting on chains is a dangerous situation for both the drivers themselves and the rest of us passing them by.  But, now a new product will greatly reduce that risk.

The Colorado Department of Transportation recently signed into a law the use of an easier-to-use chain replacement for trucks called the AutoSock.  And it’s exactly what the name says.

Developed in Norway, the AutoSock is a heavy-duty fabric designed to cover the entire tire, just like a sock. Tests have shown that the AutoSock will cut the effort of putting on chains from 30 to 40 minutes down to 5 to 10 minutes. As you can imagine, many truckers are thrilled about the recent news.

“We’re thrilled,” said Greg Fulton, president of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, which represents the state’s truckers. “Safety is really the issue here, because the longer drivers are outside their truck, the greater the danger.”

In the past two winters two truckers have died while installing chains on Interstate 70.  Albeit one died from a heart attack, while the other was struck by a passing car.

Fulton also said that truckers were even willing to pay a hefty fine for not carrying chains rather than risk being killed or hurt while installing them. The AutoSock will eliminate this fear all together.

Another cool thing about the AutoSock is that it uses specially pattened fibers that optimize the grip on slick surfaces and decreases the wear and tear on tires from regular chains. It also decreases the damage to roads compared to using chains.

The AutoSock is also available for passenger cars and SUVs. Go to for more information and see how easy it is to travel to the mountains without worry and in style!