A new Forrest Gump bikes CO to IL. If you stole his bike, he’ll buy it back!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 10, 2009 3:08 pm

Two years ago, a man and a bike ventured on a cross-country journey.  It’s 1,800 miles from Denver, CO to Chicago, IL.

Have we heard this story before?  Well, not exactly, but this Army veteran admits “It was kind of like Forrest Gump style…when I got tired, I stopped and ate.”

27 year old, Charlie Dennis, became very attached to his bicycle over the three and a half weeks it took to complete his Chicago-bound trip of 2007.  The open road was sure to create a life-long bond between man and bike. 

Unfortunately, Dennis’ bike was stolen two weeks ago.  His bike can usually be found outside his Albany Park apartment, but alas, it vanished.

Dennis posted signs outside his building offering to buy this sentimental bike back from the person who stole it.

“Please, it means a lot to me,” pleads the sign, which provides a phone number for the thief to call to make ransom demands and to arrange the bike’s return.

No tricks, no questions asked.  “I only care about getting it back,” Dennis said. “That’s all that matters to me.”

John J. Kim/Sun-Times

Apparently, Dennis bought the bike in the spring 2007 for the ride from Colorado to Illinois.  He says he spent a couple of years as a “ski bum” after getting out of the Army.

Two days before it was stolen, he applied for a job as a bike messenger.

If you can help this former “ski bum” find his beloved bike, please do.  For surely, we all have some object of similar affection.