Costume ideas for halloween skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 10, 2009 4:32 pm

With all of the early ski area openings this year, it seems some Halloween skiing is in order! Now only one question remains: what costume will you don while gliding down the mountain? You know you have to. 

Here are a few ideas from some random folks of some good costumes that will also keep you warm, courtesy of Yahoo! answers:

1) Wrap yourself in bubble wrap, but wear some clothes…it’s actually quite warm, I did it once when there was a competition to go across a lake.

2) I think some kind of fat suit or sumo suit would be pretty funny if you want to be warm. You could also dress up like a fireman. Your best bet, however, would be a good old banana hammock or speedo with water wings and one of those duck shaped floatie/tube things that go around your waist…that could get a little cold though.

3) You could get a race suit and pretend you know how to ski fast. (hehehe)

4) I rented a gorilla suit once, it was really warm!

5) One year me and some mates skied a day at Thredbo as the Wiggles, lovely day. (Who are the Wiggles?)

6) Get some fake dread locks and a rasta hat.

Any other ideas??