U.S. Ski Jumping Championship results

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 10, 2009 4:04 pm

Taking home the crowns from the US Ski Jumping Championships in Lake Placid today were Nick Alexander from Andover, New Hampshire and Jessica Jerome from Park City, Utah. It was an exciting win for Nick, as it was his first. Jessica? Pshh. She’s only won it 7 times. No biggie. 

Here’s what Jessica had to say after the win: “I haven’t competed at all this summer, except for a couple of club competitions. I didn’t compete internationally at all, so it’s good to get back into competition mode going into the winter. I knew kind of where I was at, but I didn’t have anything to compare it to, except for my jumps all summer. I tend to be a little too mental going into competitions. Obviously you want to train like you compete and compete like you train. That has always been one of my main things to try and improve on, on and off the hill. So this gives me confidence and it’s nice to get this competition out of the way.”

And here are the rest of the results from the event:


1. Nick Alexander, Andover, NH, 251.0
2. Chris Lamb, Andover, NH, 238.0
3. John Lyons, St. Paul, MN, 220.5
4. Mike Glasder, Cary, IL, 207.5
5. Nick Fairall, Andover, NH, 205.0
6. Pete Frenette, Saranac Lake, NY, 201.0
7. Todd Lodwick, Steamboat Springs, CO, 198.0
8. Alex Miller, Steamboat Springs, CO, 195.5
9. Andrew Bliss, Lake Placid, NY, 194.5
10. Brett Camerota, Park City, UT, 191.0

1. Jessica Jerome, Park City, UT, 230.0
2. Sarah Hendrickson, Park City, UT, 205.5
3. Abby Hughes, Park City, UT, 203.5
4. Lindsay Van, Park City, UT, 191.0
5. Alissa Johnson, Park City, UT, 188.5