Old Freestyle footage captured forever

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 11, 2009 5:22 pm

Larry Holmes, a former Eastern Freestyle skier has been compiling classic freestyle footage for his grad school thesis located on Doctropolis. The digital videos weigh heavily on the regional side (starting as far back as 1983), but there are some clips from various National Championships and World Cup Qualifying events. (There are also several former and current U.S. Freestyle Ski Team stars caught in action, back when they were wee ones.)

Holmes also has an array of acro-skiing competitions, including the 1997 National Championships at Sugarloaf, Maine. (Acro was suspended by the FIS in 2000, so Holmes’ footage is precious.)

Any ski fan will enjoy watching. Today Holmes loaded an impromptu ‘mud wrestling’ session from Boise, Idaho, which is already a hit on Facebook. Although the grounds are murky, what’s clear is that those freestylers knew how to have good old-fashioned fun.

Keep watching as Holmes will continue to update his Digital Freestyle project through the year 2000.


Photo: Larry Holmes