Affordable ski trips this season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 12, 2009 8:34 am

Yes, it’s been a rough year economically for many of us. But the only way to get out of this fiscal slump is to stimulate the economy. How do we do that? We spend. Yes, we must spend to stimulate. A luxurious ski trip may be the first thing off your list this season as you’re trying to cut back, but give it some more thought. Do some research and you’ll find that many ski resorts are very understanding of the times and are offering some fantastic deals. So before you decide to skip out on a vacation this winter, really crunch those numbers and see if you can swing it. It’ll be worth it. 

Here are a few examples of good resorts offering good deals:

The family-friendly Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont offers lift and lodging packages starting at about $60 per night, with an additional 15% off if you stay for more than 2 nights. And, book before Halloween for another 10-30% off. 

The beautiful Wyoming destination of Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa offers a 15% discount for pre-paying for your rooms. Go during the boom time of the holidays, and stay 4 nights with the 5th night free.

For first timers or seniors, head to Ski Cooper in Colorado for heavily discounted season passes.

Finally, Vail Colorado, always thought to be pricey, offers big discounts for adult group ski lessons, as well as less expensive food options, like the $9.99 lunch package.

This is just a tiny taste of the deals being offered this season. Do some research and don’t be afraid to treat yourself a bit this season.