Jackson Hole resident arrested on 12th DUI charge

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 12, 2009 12:12 pm

Ty Watson’s mug shot was taken for the twelfth time for DUI.  Although this arrest was unusual as compared to the other 11 times.  Watson, 45 of Jackson Hole, was arrested in parked, running car in a private parking lot.

Currently Mr. Watson is being held under a hefty $100,000 bail.  He did have an “ignition interlock device,” which requires a firm non-alcohol-filled breath into a tube to start the car.  Somehow he bypassed the device to get his car idling.  The DUI charge is a felony DUI, since Watson has far surpassed the fourth DUI limit at which a DUI can be a misdemeanor.

Twelve DUIs, a sad, dubious achievement.  But, still not a record.  Salt Lake City resident Christopher Dee Duran, 42, has 13 DUI arrests.

Mount Vernon’s Aaron Bridge, 46, clocks in with 14 DUI arrests.

And leading the DUI race, but stalled-out while serving a eight-year prison sentence, John Longden of Gardnerville, Nevada has “at least” 20 DUI arrests.

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