Skiing vs. snowboarding to burn calories

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 12, 2009 6:38 am

As our country flirts with disaster in the obesity department, it’s more important now than ever to be conscious of our fitness and nutrition. Obviously, we condone snow fitness, along with healthy eating of course, to burn off those calories and stay fit. 

But this begs the question, which sport is better for burning calories? Skiing or snowboarding? Believe it or not, this debate was had on an Extreme Bodybuilding online forum. It’s nice to see that even extreme bodybuilders recognize the value of mountain fitness! After tuning into the debate, it was clear that one dude was in strong support of skiing, while the other tried to defend snowboarding as a legit calorie burner. Here are some highlights: 

Ski enthusiast: “Not to be a d**k, but riding is NOT as stressful on the body as say Skiing. I could snowboard all day for 8 hours straight and still be able to train legs. BUT skiing(actually carving turns and Bumping) will burn more calories. Snowboarding is a lazy sport, BUT that is what makes it enjoyable. You can carve a turn by leaning the body and using the body’s weight to keep an edge. Skiing requires that 1 leg provide all the pressure on the ski’s edge to carve a turn. So I’m not bagging on you, just trying to make a point. Boarding is NOT a good way to get a workout.”

Snowboard enthusiast counters with: “Let’s see how your “legs” handle some “lazy” turns with me through the alpine, hit a few jumps in the park and run through the powder in the bowls…then do it again for 5 more hours, or…8 hours for you. Then I’ll meet you in the gym and we’ll do some squat cleans, thrusters, and deadlifts…oh, what’s that, you’re still stretching from the first run cuz you’re tired? awww that’s ok, there has to be some geeks around so the mountain doesn’t get too crowded. Just because you tried snowboarding and failed doesn’t mean you have to hate on it with CAPITAL LETTERS AS A BAD WORKOUT. Both skiing and boarding are excellent workouts and it all depends on how much you push yourself in each activity.”

Looking aside from this testosterone-fueled debate (which got more and more heated by the way), it seems to me that Mr. Snowboard enthusiast has a better viewpoint when he says “both skiing and boarding are excellent workouts and it all depends on how much you push yourself in each activity.”