Fight swine flu with skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 13, 2009 10:14 am

What makes you get sick? If you hark back to your childhood days, you remember your mother and grandmother yelling at you for not wearing a coat in the cold weather. “Put on a coat or you’ll catch cold!!” I remember that. With the media craze and widespread paranoia surrounding the swine flu, it seems like everyone will listen to their mothers this winter. BUT, modern day medicinal research shows that the cold weather really has nothing to do with developing an illness. 

So perhaps you’re thinking that you shouldn’t go skiing this season because you don’t want to get sick. You’re thinking that with all this swine crud going around, you better stay inside where it’s warm and protect yourself. Well, amigo, we’re here to tell you that staying cooped up indoors surrounded by a bunch of other people will probably get you sick faster than if you shredded some fresh powder all day.

People tend to get more sick in the winter months because more people stay inside…crammed into small spaces with each other. Also, school is now in session. The opportunities to spread germs and viruses increase dramatically when people spend so much time huddled together indoors. OK, we’ll admit, it may make it a bit easier for people to catch viruses in cold weather because the air is generally drier, but the cold weather does not cause you to get a virus.

Thus, we highly recommend you rethink your plan of avoiding the slopes this season to prevent illness. We love your mothers and your grandmothers…but like a lot of things our loved ones preached in the past, it’s just an old wife’s tale. Get out there people! Staying active and eating right is your best bet for fighting sickness. Oh, and washing your hands. Thanks mom.