Oregon Cancer Ski Out gives monetary and emotional charity

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 13, 2009 7:37 am

On Mt. Hood in Oregon every year, many people gather to participate in the Oregon Cancer Ski Out. It’s a fundraiser that was founded with the idea of benefitting cancer research, prevention programs and hospice care. Larry Chadwick founded the group with some friends in 1988 with another goal as well. Use skiing and snowboarding as a therapeutic aid to channel the frustration and grief of losing a loved one to the evil monster known as cancer. 

Although the event involves racing, points are rewarded based on consistency rather than speed, so riders of all ages and abilities are invited to compete. The race involves up to 35 five member teams and lasts 2 days. A few specific groups that are helped by this noble cause include the OHSU Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science University, the Willamette Falls Hospice, and Candlelighters (a grass roots organization whose mission is one of support, education and advocacy for children with cancer and their families).

Funds are raised through corporate sponsorships, team registration fees, Bucks to Buck Cancer and Silent and Spontaneous Auctions. This is truly a great charity. Check out cancerskiout.org for more information.