Behind the scenes of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s photo shoot

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 14, 2009 2:59 pm

By now, the cover of Friday’s PEOPLE magazine has undoubtedly been seen by millions, meaning that many people have seen the smiling face of South Lake Tahoe kidnapping victim Jaycee Lee Dugard.  It is the first photo of Dugard since she was released from an 18-year ordeal, which began in 1991 when she was kidnapped from her ski resort town and ended this past August.  PEOPLE’s deputy managing editor, Peter Castro, was at the shoot with Dugard, and went on the The Early Show on CBS today to talk it.  He described her as “giddy,”  and also said that he didn’t “think she’s masking any kind of deep-saddened depression or anything.”  Castro went on to add, “She’s just so happy to be with her family, she’s just moving forward.”

Even though Dugard is on the cover of the issue, she would only let the back of her daughters’ heads be photographed. Castro says that she is “very protective and very private right now” when it comes to her daughters, Starlit and Angel.  Dugard’s mother, Terry Probyn, was also at the shoot, and Castro said that the girls seemed happy around her and they are all bonding well.