Seductive and sexy skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 14, 2009 5:28 pm

Nice alliteration, right? 

So, I’m reading up on my Oprah (yea yea, laugh it up) and I came across something that piqued my interest. Some tips for women on how to be more seductive. The author’s points made me realize how much power a woman really does have over a man. But many times, that power takes on a different form than what she may think. Remember the power of Scheherazad? She was able to change the ways of that king who made a habit of sleeping with women and then killing them (I guess today we just don’t call you back). ”What made Scheherazade enchantingly different? Scheherazade loved to read books and had lots of fascinating ideas and interests to share. Wisely educated in morality and kindness, she had a passion for poetry, philosophy, sciences and arts. She kept the king on the edge of his bed — not with mere alluring sexual positions — but with alluring stories to be told, each more exciting than the next.” The author then goes on to explain that what really gets a man interested in a prospective mate is passion for something. “The more passions you have in your life, the more passion your man will have for you!”

 Scheherazad had a passion for academia and art. My girlfriend has a passion for snowboarding. Hmm…

Now I’m not saying a passion for skiing or snowboarding will discount all other misgivings. If you love to ski but think Osama Bin Laden is a cool cat…we probably won’t be hanging out much. But, don’t think that we men are just looking at your dirty pillows and backside for stimulation. As Zeke says, “We’ve gotta play the brain dance too”. We like that you have a passion…and we here at The Ski Channel especially like if that passion involves hitting some fresh powder. Mmmm, a girl who is obsessed with the ski season? That’s what seductive and sexy skiing is all about.