Why we need more ski chase scenes in film

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 14, 2009 2:46 pm

We all know some of the ultimate car chase movies—The French Connection, Gone in Sixty Seconds (the original!), Ronin, Smokey and the Bandit etc. Yes, these films do have intensely great car chase scenes. What I’m saying is, why so many great car chase scenes, and so few ski chase scenes? Look at how awesome this classic James Bond ski chase scene is. This one’s from the 1977 gem “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Best part is clearly at 1:24 when he uses his pole as a gun and smokes a Soviet bad guy. James Bond has done his part when it comes to ski chases, and now it’s time for others to follow suit.

“True Lies” had a good idea—anytime you put Arnold on some skis you’re bound to be entertained watching it—but still, we crave more!

 Two of my fellow Ski Channel associates had something to say about this. Zeke, whom you all know from his brilliant story writing, says, “I loved Peter Sellers. All those Pink Panther movies were classics, and I believe ‘Return of the Pink Panther’ was shot in Gstaad. Definitely had a dope dope ski chase scene in there! Also, ski chases are so much greener than car chases. Don’t call me a hippie.” Steve N, our king of digital media, isn’t too thrilled with the newer Bond scenes, “Sure, Roger Moore was great, but Pierce Brosnan, ‘The World is not Enough’? Come on! Not a good ski chase! 6:04 of crap! And Bond isn’t even wearing a helmet. He’s promoting unsafe skiing!”

 Well, there you have it. Not sure if that’s what I was looking for guys, but it seems you agree with me. More ski chase scenes! Come on Michael Bay, make it happen!