Barbie’s ankles too fat for her ski boots

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 15, 2009 8:19 am

Don’t all you ski bunnies out there wish you could look like Barbie when she skis?

Gosh I hope not. It’s been an unfortunate trend over the years that girls have been brought up to think they should all look like Barbie (and spend over 70 bucks for a doll and her ski apparel). As if the “Barbie body” weren’t enforcing the Hollywood-skinny body type enough, the latest doll designer now says Barbie’s ankles are too fat. Great. Now every girl who buys a new, skinny-ankle-Barbie will spend hours in front of the mirror staring at her ankles and crying that they’re too fat, wondering why her ankles can’t look like Barbie’s. Christian Louboutin is the newest fashion designer to work on the doll.

A spokesperson for the designer was quoted as saying “he found her ankles were too fat.”

From the Ruby Room blog: “Fashion director of NYLON magazine, J. Errico advised how he’d style our favorite doll to help reduce the appearance of her so-called problem area. ‘If Barbie wants to divert attention away from her ankles, she should avoid booties or anything with ankle straps,’ he says. ‘However, any girl – plastic or not – would be mad not to take advice from Mr. Louboutin.’

Great. So not only will girls now think their ankles are too fat, but they’ll also avoid wearing ski boots?! I thought this was supposed to be a Mammoth-Mountain-opening-gets-TV-time”>good day.