Fight zombies and ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 15, 2009 5:50 am

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect combination? Talk about being productive! Getting a few good runs in, and killing a few zombies while you’re at it…goes together like peas and carrots. Well, the Norwegians certainly seem to think so. Over the summer a Norwegian horror movie premiered in the US, “Dead Snow”. In this bloody, scary, funny flick, some friends go on a ski trip in Scandinavia and happen upon some zombies…oh wait, not just zombies, but Nazi zombies! Hurray! Tony Joseph reviewed this film, and I found it rather…interesting that he liked the zombies more than the skiers. Does that say something about him or about the film??

“Like any good horror film, “Dead Snow” doesn’t take itself too seriously. The movie’s corny moments run in stark contrast to the scenes stained in blood from all of the brutal violence — all too great effect. The human characters are not very sympathetic, and as far as I was concerned, they were fair game for the undead feeding frenzy. The acting and dialogue were as subpar as possible, but the violence was so explicit and the would-be skiers so bland, that you may find yourself waiting in anticipation for the zombies to eviscerate another unfortunate victim just to see how they make the kill. This is one movie that will have you cheering for the bad guys, despite the fact that they are undead fascists.”

Have you seen this film? Recommend it?