Montana’s Red Lodge ski runs damaged by early snow storms

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 15, 2009 9:42 am

Most ski resorts welcome early season snow storms to hype up the anticipation of another winter season. But as far as the Red Lodge Ski Resort was concerned, more snow meant more problems.

About four feet of snow within the past 10 days caused the resort’s snowmaking pond to overflow, damaging the ski runs below. Since the spill-over, the resort’s staff have been working around the clock maintaining the pond’s water levels so additional spillage doesn’t occur.

The staff has also been busy repairing the terrain by filling in the eroded areas where a lot of ski traffic comes through. Officials say long-term repairs will take place after the snow melts and access to Cole Creek and other areas around the resort have not been affected and will operate normally. 

As far as the snowmaking pond, which is one of the largest snowmaking ponds in the state, has not been damaged and will provide the same snowmaking capabilities for the resort. The resort will launch its 50th anniversary season on Nov. 27.