Red Bull & Shaun White Project X uncovered with new website

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 15, 2009 3:50 pm

As the era of the mega-Hollywood blockbuster comes to an end, in its void comes Shaun White and Red Bull.  It’s the 2009 version of Tom Cruise and Dreamworks.  When the two get together, you know it’s mega large.

Over the summer rumors were running rampant about a specially built superpipe that Shaun White was training on near Silverton.  Few details were known beyond that it had the world’s first on mountain foam pit.

The results of White’s training there were evident.  When he showed up in New Zealand and promptly stomped next-gen double corks, upping the ante heading towards the Winter Olympics, the mystery of the Silverton session grew larger.

Turns out this specially designed pipe was not simply about training.  Project X a full-on multi-media project from Shaun White and Red Bull.  The website is up and it’s filled with goodies: video, pictures, and enough Silverton love that the expert-only area will never be the same.

Take a tour of the website here.  It’s an internet blockbuster.

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