Say her name: Grete Eliassen teaser time trailer action

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 15, 2009 10:03 am

Grete Eliassen has skills beyond the merely human.  So if ever you happen upon the Minnesota native, don’t fumble your words in pronouncing her name.  It’s pronounced Greta.  Two times a Winter X superpipe gold medal winner, one time a silver, the 23-year-old stands tall under the pressure shrinker of the bright lights and live TV. 

Grete’s pop moved her to Lillehammer, Norway in her early teens.  She moved herself up the ski racing ranks to Norway’s Europa Cup team.  With her fundamentals in tact, Grete then made the full transition to freestyle and back country.  She famously said that her training for superpipe consists of showing up a few days before the competition to learn a few tricks.  Yes, skills beyond the merely human.

Now a University of Utah student and a self-glossed “Marilyn Monroe” to the troops in Iraq, Grete is finishing up a two-year film project “Say My Name.”  It’s teaser time.  Check the vid and say her name.  Correctly.

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