One minute workout that will make you a stronger skier

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 16, 2009 4:15 pm

Want to be a stronger and faster skier but lament the lack of time you have to work out? Have no fear. According to, to increase your speed and strength on the slopes, you can workout for one minute (or even 30 seconds) a day.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, when you ski, you’re using some major muscle groups. Your quads (as you remain in the half-sitting bent knee position), your trapezius (aid in poling and moving your shoulders to provide balance), your back (pushing down on poles and keeping your upper body erect), triceps (they do most of the work with poles) and your abs (keep your torso erect). Because you use these major muscle groups everyday, you don’t need to spend time developing them. You will increase their strength most effectively by pushing them to an extreme level for a short amount of time. A short burst of hard hard work. 

So, when you do your leg presses, shrugs, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, crunches, and tricep bench presses, double the weight you would normally use (have a spotter with you) and hold each lift for 5 to 10 seconds at at time. That is to say, when you’re doing the lat pulldowns for example, pull down the weight and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. For the tricep bench press, when you push the bar up, hold it for 5 to 10 seconds–and so on and so on.

When you add all these exercises up, it comes to between 30 and 60 seconds of workout time.

Now, hold on. This workout doesn’t include cardio…so don’t think you can get away with this as being your only workout for the day. Get your heart pumping too, and keep your heart healthy! For more on this workout, and for a more detailed explanation of each exercise, visit here.