Riley Poor and Simon Dumont’s Transitions Los Angeles premiere is a smash

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 16, 2009 12:09 am

We have already commented enough on what a flat out masterpiece of ski filmmaking Transitions is.  But after seeing it on the big screen with a packed audience, we have to comment a little more.  What a phenomenal, timeless piece of art!  This ski film is not really a ski film.  It’s just a spectacular film.  I sat next to Donna Mills, the television actress who ruled the airwaves in the 70′s, 80′s & 90′s.  She is a great athlete and outdoors person, but not exactly throwing 1080′s in a half pipe or jumping gaps.  She loved the movie!  I sat next to a couple of 14 year of boys who don’t ski and one who hates to ski.  They both loved it.

Transitions will be to ski films what Gone With The Wind is to regular films.  It is a timeless masterpiece chronicling skiings revival and reconnection to the youth market. 

Upon the viewing at the uber cool Red Bull US headquarters in Santa Monica, we had a few additional thoughts about the film.  On the big screen one person who really shined was Mike Douglas.  His articulation and narration was impeccable and the cinematography on his standups was epic.  The backgrounds and the lighting looked like a 30-person Hollywood crew did the shoot.  By stark contrast but similar impact, Johnny Decesare was captivating in a “this guy is THE Godfather slash loving character slash lock up your daughters” kind of way.  He was shot in a simple chair with his dialogue spilling over all kinds of shots.  Douglas bridged the gap to the 45 year old investment banker who loves to ski and Decesare bridged the gap between the core.  But together they really provided an authenticity to film.  As a viewer, you really knew that you were getting the straightest of straight scoops.

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend the day with Simon and crew from his arrival at LAX until after the premiere and we put this segment together to give you the full impact.  Many thanks to Red Bull, Oakley, Scott Bradfield, Michael Spencer, Nicole Wool and of course Simon slash crew for putting up with us.

Click here and enjoy the piece.