Why the boy in the balloon may have purposefully played on world’s fears

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 16, 2009 6:02 am

“You guys said we did this for the show”. That’s what the Fort Collins, CO balloon boy Falcon Heene (pictured left) told his parents when they asked why he didn’t come down from the attic when they called his name. Could yesterday’s balloon chase and search have all been put on by the Heene family as an elaborate hoax? The authorities don’t seem to think so, but then again, when asked by reporter Wolf Blitzer what Falcon meant by that comment, father Richard Heene visibly became frazzled. He puttered around for an answer for a bit before coming to the conclusion that the question was appalling and that maybe Falcon was referring to the massive media coverage.

Additionally, during two separate interviews this morning, when Richard Heene was asked about the potential hoax, Falcon became sick to his stomach and vomited. Perhaps the poor boy was just ill…or perhaps this was meant as a distraction to viewers. During an interview with ABC, when Richard was asked the important question, Falcon said to his mother, “I feel like I’m going to vomit”. He then left the room with his mother and was heard gagging. Then, during an interview with NBC, when Richard was again asked the important hoax-potential question, Falcon vomited into a container. Suspicious? Or just bad timing?

Whether or not this whole situation was a call for media attention (remember, the family has been on ABC’s “Wife Swap” before) or not, we’re happy that Falcon is safe and we hope you’ve all learned your lessons about leaving your experimental home-made balloons out for your children to play with.