USSA doubles up & hits it out of the park for the team and the kids

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 18, 2009 2:43 pm



It was a backyard throw down, and the second fundraising ball for the US Ski Team and US Snowboarding.  This was pure kid utopia.  A backyard bbq, obstacle courses, filled fence-to-fence with ski royalty. 

Aerials champ Ryan St. Onge (pictured), downhill studs TJ Lanning and Steven Nyman, SBX legend Nate Holland, and alpine racer Emily Cook, were all getting their picnic on. 

Ball Season started with a Boston record breaker.  Saturday night, it was about the kids.  At the Palo Alto home of Geoff Yang, it was alright for about 150 to come over.  Co-host Doug Mackenzie helped make it all go smooth.  For the kids, you know?

The kids joined up in teams to take on the fierce obstacle course.  Torin Koos and T.J. Lanning helmed the Whistler team.  Working left to right on your radio dial, the Whistler team downed the Daron Rahlves and Nate Holland Squaw Valley team.

The Flying Ace All Stars definitely had the kids pumped.  USSA Sport Science Director Troy Flanagan pumped blood to the brain, giving an insider’s report on the latest in Sports Science.

Kids have lots of questions.  Daron Rahlves, Shannon Bahrke, TJ Lanning, and Nate Holland answered them all.  And then mom called.  It was time to go home.

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