Balloon Boy’s incredible wierd new details

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 19, 2009 5:32 am

The news has been filled with the weird of late.  People kidnapping, impregnating, raising children together.  Obviously all respect to Jaycee and her kids and here’s to a very large sex deprived cellmate for Phillip, but could the news get wierder?  Welp, lets dig into the new revelations on Richard Heene, the father of Balloon Boy, Falcon Heene.

Don’t you just hate when your kids bust you.  I remember one time talking my way out of a speeding ticket and then one of my kids decided to tell the cop that I should get the ticket.  Probably how Richard Heene felt when Falcon told the world that the whole thing was a stunt for his proposed reality show.  And it probably would have worked as well.  The media could have put them on the same level it did Paris Hilton for her video or Jon and Kate for their catastrophe.  But no… thanks to Falcon and his big mouth.  Bad coaching Jim Jones.

Richard Heene and Mayumi Lizuka met in Hollywood at acting school.  Mayumi is a musician and Richard plays the harmonica.   On the show wifeswap, there are episodes of Richard Heene going nuts.  He actually throws a glass of milk and food at his new wife for the moment, Sheree Silver.  Sheree says that Richard is like a child and he certainly appears that way on the show.  She also says that Falcon is a lot like his father. 

In interviews now, Heene has said that he allows his 3 young boys to use profanity while in the house but not outside the house.  If you have not watched the YouTube video of the kids rap video, it is crazy.  It is a painful look at parenting.  The kids swear in the video.  They have a Teddy Bear with the word “Dick” on its shirt and there is a scene of one of the children sitting on the toilet and appears to be completely covered from head to toe in brown fecal matter.

These guys can be on the lifts and can be skiing at some of the best ski resorts in the in an hours drive from their house.  Instead they are making these video’s and trying to trick the world.  Priorities – get them straight!