Garth Brooks comes out of retirement, can’t ski every weekend anymore

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 19, 2009 7:30 am

Fun fact of the day #1: Did you know that Michael Jackson is NOT the number one selling artist of all time in a single genre? I didn’t. Guess who claims that crown? That’s right, Garth Brooks! Dude is huuuuge. He’s recently announced that after 9 years, he is coming out of retirement. He retired in the first place so that he could spend time raising his daughters and skiing. Well, to be fair, raising his daughters was a priority over skiing, but it’s been reported that he does love to ski and he’s pretty good at it too. 

Now that his daughters are older, Garth is ready to start singing about that long necked bottle again. He’ll play at the Wynn Encore in Las Vegas every weekend for the next five years. This way, he can fly his private jet back to Oklahoma during the week and still drive his daughters to school every day (and maybe take a couple trips with the Oklahoma City Ski Club?).

By the way, that private jet? A gift from Wynn Encore owner Steve Wynn. You know you’re at a new level when you can gift someone a jet. Not exactly a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.