The Amazing Race slows down at Ski Dubai

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 19, 2009 11:20 am

Even though I’m no reality TV connoisseur, I always give begrudging props to The Amazing Race.  NPR (National Public Radio) once did an interview with an unnamed reality show producer who spilled the beans on “reality” TV.  Not that this is any sort of shocker now-a-days, but this was years ago, and the producer dished that reality TV is scripted.  The incredulous host asked if there was one reality show that was, well, real.  The Amazing Race, she said.

Channel surfed last night and landed on The Amazing Race just in time to see the seven remaining teams end up at Ski Dubai, the gigantic refrigerator set up in the middle of the desert so folks could ski.  If you’re talking about carbon footprints, Ski Dubai is a Texas-sized mud print on the face of the globe.  But, then again, if I happened to be passing by the indoor ski hill, curiosity would probably trump values, and I’d hop in the fridge for a few turns.  Just once, so I could experience the oddity of skiing indoors and successfully maintain my status as a hypocrite.

Episode 4 of The Amazing Race starts with the directive for the teams to find the tallest building in the world.  Sam and Dan, the gay brothers team, waltz to the airport and, revealing their incredible geography skills, ask the agent for a ticket to the “Persian Gulf.”  That narrows it down.

The teams eventually find their way to Ski Dubai.  Outfitted in shorts and t-shirts, they build snowmen and dig through the snow in sub-freezing temperatures.  Lance and Keri, lucky for them, got lost on their way to Ski Dubai.  Digging around the snow in a freezing refrigerator, wearing Palm Springs attire, does not sound all that fun to me.  Their prize was a ticket off the show.

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