When you pee yourself skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 19, 2009 7:04 pm

Have you ever come to close to having an accident up on the slopes? Maybe you really have to go, but you think…one more run, I can do that. Just one more run and then I’ll take a pit stop. Sure, one more run…then oops. The lift breaks down. You’re halfway up the mountain and you have to pee so badly you’re considering jumping off.

Or, you wait until the very last minute to go only to realize that with the several layers of long-johns you have on, you can’t make it anyway. That’s what happened to this poor girl who posted her story on Yahoo!: “Quite an awkward situation having to pee while skiing isn’t it? Well this year while on a ski vacation I had a really embarrassing moment. I was on the skilift when I really felt the need to pee, once on the top of the hill I had to ski all the way down having to pee really bad. When I was finally down I tried to hurry to the bathrooms that were located near the restaurant, I had to walk there with my knees pressed together and people must have been looking.
Since it was so cold I had two layers of long johns under my snowsuit and my fingers were pretty cold to. When I entered the stalls it was already coming out, however I couldn’t undo the straps on my snowsuit in time and everything went in my pants. Yes I’m 22 years old and I totally peed my snowsuit at a popular ski resort. As you can guess the walk back to my cabin in my wet snowsuit was pretty embarrassing and uncomfortable at the same time.
Has anyone had a similar experience?”

She posted the story so that other people could post similar stories and make her feel better about going wee wee in her pants. Unfortunately, no one else had a similar story to share. Oh well. Sorry hun.

Any close calls for you?